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Lines and Circles By Cantor Andrew Bernard

Oct 02

Here we are, in the thick of our holiday cycle. Or perhaps I should say, here we are again, in the thick of our holiday cycle. While the events of our lives usually proceed in a line — sometimes a straight line, sometimes on a winding path bordering on torturously circuitous — the world of […]

TIME TO BREATHE. TIME TO THINK. by Cantor Andrew Bernard

Jul 09

Every week we talk about letting go of our busy weeks and taking a break for Shabbat. Every year we read in the Torah about the sabbatical year, and acknowledge the importance of regular periods of rest and renewal for our own health and the health of our planet. We read studies about unhealthy workaholic […]

Summer Services: A Welcome Change of Pace! by Cantor Andrew Bernard

May 28

Summer Services: A Welcome Change of Pace! With the arrival of Memorial Day, most of us are grateful for the change of pace. School schedules wind down, many people embark on vacation, and there seems to be more time to spend with family and friends. It’s an easier time to let go of stress and […]

Cantor Andrew Bernard’s Yizkor D’rash 5774

Sep 16

Yizkor D’rash 5774 September 14, 2013 Cantor Andrew Bernard Of all the relationships we have, the ones with our parents might be the most complicated. We choose our friends; we choose spouses. We don’t choose our children, but we choose to have them. We don’t choose our siblings — but we don’t rely on them […]