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Hebron: A City of Conflicting Narratives and Religious Passions By Rabbi Judy Schindler and Rabbi Rachel Timoner

Feb 29

Genesis describes the purchase of property by our father Abraham for the burial of our mother Sarah. The legendary cave of Machpelah, acquired through negotiation with the Hittites, became the site not only of Sarah’s grave, but also of the reconciliation of Isaac and Ishmael as they came together to bury Abraham here in Hebron. […]

Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue – Lessons to Be Learned From Justice Scalia by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Feb 17

Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly on Saturday night. Within moments, a political debate began to rage around filling that most important vacancy and in whose Presidential hands the responsibility and privilege of a nomination lies. As negative political discourse currently disturbs our every day, we can learn some value lessons from the legacy Justice Scalia […]

Reflections on a Long MLK Weekend by Rabbi Judith Schindler

Jan 18

It is Monday night and I am reflecting on my long MLK weekend. It was four days of praying, marching, preaching, eating, and hoping together. Charlotte’s MLK Parade had a short route filled with spirit along Tryon Street from 11th Street to Stonewall but sadly the road ahead seems so long… and our problems seems […]

Find Yourself a Rabbi By Rabbi Judith Schindler

Jan 07

Find yourself a rabbi, acquire for yourself a friend, and judge every person favorably. – Pirkei Avot 1:6 Our Mishnah teaches that we need a rabbi. We need a rabbi to teach us and to guide us. We need a rabbi to carry us through tough times and to help us celebrate sacred times. We […]

Lessons I’ve Learned from Our Youth By Rabbi Judith Schindler

Dec 28

In the Talmud, Rabbi Chanina remarked, “I have learned much from my teachers, more from my colleagues, and the most from my students” (Tractate Ta’anit 7a). I echo his sentiments. Our Beth El Youth inspire me each and every day. Our Teen Band has taught me that when each congregant brings their gifts to Temple […]

Shalom Aleichem- Assalamu Aleikum- Peace Be with You- by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Dec 11

A message from Rabbi Judy Schindler, Senior Rabbi of Temple Beth El to be shared at Charlotte’s Interfaith Vigil to Mourn the Shooting in San Bernardino and Stand Against Violence While we wish we could stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters who have planned this vigil to both mourn the shooting in San Bernardino […]

Thanksgiving: Make this Holiday Holy by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Nov 26

Thanks… for all I have Blessings too great to name and number freedom and food, shelter, love and life Giving… No material gifts are needed No shopping at malls is required for today’s celebration Just presence shared with those who matter most Joy of feeling blessed commingled with sadness for those who are living with […]

Pray for Faith by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Nov 18

Fear… of those filled with hate of violence of guns and terrorism. Faith… in the good in the “other” in the ability to uproot evil. Do not let fear close your hearts close your minds close your souls (or close your borders to refugees seeking sanctuary – for we were once them). Push through to […]

Pray for Paris by Rabbi Judy Schindler

Nov 14

Paris. Known for tourism now covered by nonstop news of terrorism. Known for art now filled with agony. Known for romance now rife with sorrow. The Eiffel tower darkened in mourning for a world turned upside down… a city shut down. A concert hall. A soccer stadium. A restaurant. Places of music and sports and […]