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About The Israeli Nation-State Law by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jul 25

The Israeli Knesset recently passed a controversial “Nation-State law.” The law has received statements of opposition by Jewish organizations and communities from throughout the world. Please see the links below for more information from our Israeli partners in the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism and the Jewish Federations of North America. This is […]

Elul: Preparing for the High Holy Days by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jul 25

The month of Elul – August 12-September 9 – is our prelude for the Days of Awe. The name of the Hebrew month, spelled aleph, lamed, vuv, lamed, has been understood by our sages as an acronym for the verse: “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li – I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” Like […]

Immigration Rally Speech 6/30/18 by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jul 05

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Inscribed over the entrance of the Statue of Liberty, Emma Lazarus’ poem illuminates some of our country’s best values. We are descendants of the women, men and children who came here looking for rights, liberty, security, and hope. Our ancestors came here […]

Special Message from Rabbi Knight

Jun 19

Members of our community have reached out in recent days in shock and horror that the administration is separating undocumented children from their parents. Rabbi Knight spoke about this issue last Shabbat. A portion of his sermon was published by the Washington Post. He also wrote an editorial to the Charlotte Observer. Tomorrow, leaders of […]

Welcoming a Rabbinic Intern in June by Rabbi Asher Knight

May 02

Dear Temple Beth El Family, I am excited to announce that from June 11th through August 8th, we will welcome Student Rabbi Hannah Elkin for a unique summer internship. Hannah is finishing her third year of rabbinical school at the Los Angeles campus of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR). She is among […]

Baby Boomer and Empty Nester Update: Find Your People at Temple Beth El by Rabbi Asher Knight

Apr 30

It is customary for Jews to study one of the six chapters of Pirke Avot  – the Ethics of our Ancestors – on each of the six shabbatot between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot. Found within the Mishnah, Pirke Avot is a collection of rabbinic sayings and ethical teachings. One of my favorite maxims […]

Creating Worship Experiences at Temple Beth El by Rabbi Asher Knight

Mar 22

As a rabbi, I believe that the communal prayer experience begins with the individual, and the potential for individual spiritual growth and transformation within community. I also believe that experience of the transcendent is strengthened by a sense of being rooted in community. The stronger our community relates with each other, the more transcendent the […]

Adult Education at Temple Beth El by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jan 30

At Temple Beth El, our Jewish learning helps to create sacred connections inspired by Jewish wisdom. Temple Beth El has been proud of our strong adult Jewish Education offerings. From our “Pathways to Jewish Learning and Living,” to Adult Hebrew, and Anshei Mitzvah, to South Park and Uptown Talmud, to scholar-in-residences, to S.P.I.C.E. and Senior […]

Cultivating A Prayer and Meditation Practice by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jan 25

Prayer means something different to each of us.  And in each stage and moment in our lives, we may need prayer differently. Recently, our high school youth group, LIBERTY, welcomed over two-hundred teenagers from around the southeast to Temple Beth El. As we prayed and sang our Shabbat evening service, the voices of the teenagers […]