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Shanah Tovah U’Metukah from Rabbi Knight

Sep 19

There is a legend about a man named Yameel, the swiftest runner and most reliable messenger in all of Africa. One day, a village elder found Yameel standing motionless in the middle of a path. The leader asked, “Why have you stopped in the middle of your mission?” Yameel answered, “I have been running so […]

Perfect the Way You Are, And A Little Broken Too by Rabbi Asher Knight

Sep 07

The TaNaKh (Hebrew Bible) is filled with Jewish leaders who lived their lives with various types of physical disabilities and emotional struggles. Isaac suffers from blindness. Jacob walks with a limp. Moses delivers the book of Deuteronomy, including this week’s Torah portion, with a stutter. Naomi, Saul, and Jonah struggle with depression. Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel […]

Help the Hurricane Harvey Recovery by Rabbi Asher Knight

Aug 31

As the full magnitude of the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey becomes clear, we are working with the Union for Reform Judaism and other partners to mobilize support for all who have been impacted by the powerful storm. Right now, the desire to help is outpacing the mechanisms. In the coming weeks and months, the […]

A Message from Rabbi Knight: How can we help the victims of Hurricane Harvey?

Aug 29

Dear Friends, If you are like me, you have read or watched the news about the unprecedented disaster developing in Texas. I have been in regular contact with colleagues, friends, and Jewish leaders in Houston and the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. A few rabbis have lost their homes from flooding. We know of one […]

We Begin Elul with Love by Rabbi Asher Knight

Aug 23

This week we enter the Jewish month of Elul, the four weeks preceding the High Holy Days. For millennia, our rabbis have taught that the word, Elul (aleph-lamed-vuv-lamed), is an acronym for the famous verse of love poetry from the Song of Songs: Ani L’dodi v’dodi li, “I am my beloved and my beloved is […]

Israel Statement by Temple Beth El Clergy

Jun 27

For many years, Temple Beth El has endeavored to establish a love for Israel in the hearts and minds of our members. We have done this through phenomenal congregational trips, ongoing education for every age, and advocating on Israel’s behalf through organizations like AIPAC, AJC, ADL, JStreet, and the Federation of Greater Charlotte. Even the […]

Strengthening the Pillars of our Congregation by Rabbi Asher Knight

Jun 27

In late April, Laura Bernstein and I sent a note to the congregation explaining that we were undertaking a reorganization of our systems, procedures and staffing. Retirements of key personnel, including Cantor Bernard and Steve Rosenauer, were concurrent with our lay leadership’s encouragement to realign the staff model to better realize Temple’s mission, vision, and […]

Engaging Baby Boomers by Rabbi Asher Knight

Apr 25

When I first arrived in Charlotte, I met hundreds of congregants through Welcome Events planned by Temple Beth El’s Transition Committee. During these events, I repeatedly heard similar stories from our members, particularly Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters. They told me that they felt deeply tied emotionally to our congregation and to Jewish life, but […]

A Special Message from Rabbi Asher Knight

Mar 01

Dear Temple Beth El Community, Over the last few months, Jewish communities across the United States have been targets of vandalism, bomb threats, and hate crimes. Our beloved Charlotte Jewish community has been affected by this wave of terror threats. One of the scariest aspects of the last six months is that these threats have […]