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TriBEs are small groups of Temple Beth El Members that help make our big community feel small. They help every person be a part of something sacred. Through playing together, praying together, learning together, acting together, caring for one another, and being accountable to each other, a large Temple becomes a small community where members can deepen connections and share Jewish experiences, conversations, and celebrations with other congregants.

What a fabulous evening we shared together last night as we heard from many TriBE Leaders. If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch the TriBE Launch Party/Matching Event Video.

We are excited to launch 3 NEW TriBEs (indicated by *). We currently have a total of 14 TriBEs that are open. We hope we can accommodate everyone’s first choice. Please know there are many moving pieces and we may need to match you with your second or third choice; the experience transcends the theme of the TriBE. Please note that priority is given to those not yet in a TriBE. We hope to help you Find Your TriBE!

TriBEs with Open Spots

  • Beer, Bourbon, & Banter – Ken Katz & Brian Yesowitch
  • * Cooking Secret Family Recipes and other Nosh-sense – Carla Sherry
  • Genealogy – Natalie Lewis & Gail Rubenstein
  • Happy Bookers – Natalie Tunney
  • Indian Land – Janis Nathansohn
  • * Jammin with the Jews – Mickey Aberman
  • Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation – Shelley Friedman & Susan Bessey
  • New Jews – Sheri Stock
  • Outdoors – Donna Foster
  • Sarah & Her Sisters – Sandy Altschuler
  • Single Empty Nesters – Jeffrey Lurie
  • Singles Together – Emi Miller
  • Spice Girls – Beth Lewis
  • * Stories and Stuff – Wini Nathan

Timeline for Matching

  • April 13 – April 22 – Submit Find My New TriBE Form
  • April 26 – April 30 – Core Team Discussion/Matching
  • May 5 – TBE Staff Notify TriBE Leaders of New Participants
  • May 12 – TriBE Leaders Welcome New Participants


Questions? Contact Andy Harkavy, Director of Congregational Engagement and Communications.

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