Help a teen and win big! by Susan Jacobs, Director of Education

Bingo is fun! People play it on cruise ships and at the beach. It’s a big hit in retirement communities. The excitement builds and you get so close. Just one more number. And bam, it hits, Bingo! and win a fabulous prize. Pretty exciting. Bingo Pic

On February 13th at 5:30pm, we will all have the opportunity to feel the excitement build and try to win big prizes. A few of us will really get lucky. We might win the diamond watch, golf lessons, sports equipment, many different restaurant gift cards and lots of other big prizes. But the big winners of the night are our youth. All the proceeds from the event will be used to help our youth and teens enhance their Jewish experiences by attending Jewish camps, NFTY conventions, Israel programs and many other opportunities.

It isn’t easy to ask for financial assistance in order to send your child to a program that they want to attend so badly that they will save every penny of their Madrichim pay and it still isn’t enough. We want our teens to be passionate about their Judaism and they find that spark in our youth groups. The reality is that participating can be expensive especially if you have two or three kids involved. It’s hard for parents to ask for help but it would be horrible if we were unable to help because the Temple youth funds were empty.

So how can you help us make sure every teen gets what they need? It’s simple. Come have fun with your friends, eat a great meal, play some bingo, win some prizes and get the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped. It’s that easy. Support our youth. Register now.

See the full 50’s Bingo Bop flyer with details.

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