My TriBE Connection by Sue Littauer

When Andy Harkavy asked me to consider becoming a TriBE leader, I had mixed feelings. I know I’ve always wanted to get involved with something at TBE, but I’d never come across the right opportunity for me. I couldn’t really think of a topic that would interest me, but I had an idea fly into my head just in time for my meeting with Andy. What about Movie Mavens? Andy loved the idea but I still had reservations…. Would it be an appropriate topic for a Jewish group? Would there be any Jewish content? Relevance for Jewish life? Jewish values?

I floated the idea by some of my friends and they were all excited to sign up. Within just a few days they told others about it and all of a sudden, the group was complete. Twelve women were committed to a monthly outing together at the movies followed by discussion (and wine). What could be more decadent than going to an afternoon movie on a Wednesday afternoon?

We had an initial meeting in February – we discussed why we joined and what we hoped to gain from this experience. In addition to connecting with each other and TBE by watching movies and discussing them together, we decided we wanted to be available and “on call” to fill needs as they arose within the congregation. We also wanted to share a Shabbat and Jewish holiday experience.

Our first meeting was scheduled for March 2020. Instead of meeting at movie theaters, we quickly regrouped and individually watched our movie selection on Netflix, and discussed it over Zoom. We’ve now had 4 meetings, and not only has our attendance been amazing, but this intelligent, caring, warm group of women has connected beyond any of our expectations.

Our first assignment was to watch “Unorthodox” – (just before it became a phenomenon.)  This was followed by “Past Lives,” “Just Mercy,” and “Becoming.” Each discussion has been inspiring, insightful and educational…. as well as timely. We were ahead of the curve in our discussion of “Just Mercy” and racial injustice; and “Becoming” gave us the opportunity to delve into the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We begin each meeting with the prayer recommended by our TriBE Leader Guide; however, we adapted it as a prayer for healing – specifically as it relates to the Pandemic, Racial Injustice and the Political Climate.

We had the opportunity to assist a family in need, and this experience as well as our monthly discussions binds us together in ways that continue to surprise and delight each of us. And we’re grateful to Temple Beth El for providing us this incredible experience.

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