Praise God…with every voice, with every instrument by Cantor Andrew Bernard


This weekend marks the season’s final holy day observances that began nearly two months ago. There have been times of learning and times of worship; individual introspection and public celebration. In words and song and prayer and ritual acts, we have moved from the preparations of Elul through the penitential prayers of S’lichot to the sounding of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah to the fast of Yom Kippur. This past week we began the celebration of Sukkot, a time when we show gratitude for all we have, and make distinction between the eternity of the soul and the fragility of our lives; between the omnipresent God, and the transitory nature of the material world.

The season ends with celebration. And this year we will conclude with two celebrations in which the musical gifts of our teens will play a prominent role. Shabbat morning is our first Congregational Shabbat of the new year, the music of which is led by our Teen Band and our Teen Vocal Ensemble. Our teens have been instrumental (pun unavoidable) in creating the musical character of this service for more than a decade. All 8th through 12th graders are welcome to join us for this monthly service — and anyone interested in becoming part of our teen ensembles should contact Cantor Bernard.

On Sunday night we observe Consecration and Simchat Torah. We will see our youngest ones embark on their Jewish education, and we will as a community dance with the Torah scrolls to celebrate the conclusion of a year-long cycle of study and the beginning of the next. The dancing will be accompanied by our Simchat Torah Pick-Up Band — a lively group that lifts our spirits with melodies of celebration. The Pick-Up Band is open to everyone — just give Cantor Bernard a heads up so there will be a part waiting for you.

Our holy day season is a long and intricate journey. These final celebrations strengthen us in our commitment to make the coming year a year of blessings — for ourselves, our families, our community, and the world around us. May 5777 be a year of growth, learning, success, health and joy for us all.

All 8th through 12th grade singers and instrumentalists are welcome to join us — and anyone interested in becoming part of our teen ensembles should contact Cantor Bernard

This Weekend’s Shabbat and Holiday Schedule:

Friday, 10/21
5:15pm Preneg
6:00pm Community Shabbat Service

Saturday, 10/22
9:00am Teen Band Rehearsal
9:00am Congregational Shabbat Workshop- World Cafe
10:00am Teen Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal
10:15am Congregational Shabbat Brunch
11:00am Congregational Shabbat Service

Sunday, 10/23
5:00pm Simchat Torah Congregational Dinner
6:00pm Erev Simchat Torah and Consecration Service

Monday, 10/24
11:00am Festival Service with Yizkor