The Power of Volunteering: Our lives changed because of you! by Eileen Schwartz

I reached out to the TBE Caring Committee (now called Hineynu) in December 2015. I was my Mom’s caregiver. I was feeling isolated, exhausted and unsure about Mom’s future health. She was 95 and I realized that I could no longer manage alone. I contacted the Caring Committee and suddenly had one or two weekly volunteers for almost a year. The many highlights of the volunteer visits were prepared food, companionship for Mom, breaks for me, kitchen clean up, shopping for food, caring individuals and best of all, Mom’s insistence on teaching Rummy Q to all volunteers.

Rummy Q or Rummy Cube was a game Mom loved to play and loved to win at – though she also delighted in watching beginners become champions. Volunteers were so taken by the game that many of them bought the game for their families.

A richness of time spent together occurred for all of us. Giving of oneself brought all of us a sense of community. Mom was not alone. I was not alone. Volunteers entered our lives and I think left with warmth, laughter and a sense of fulfillment.

Mom, Golda Schwartz passed away on November 4, 2016.

Join us on March 10th to learn about the various opportunities to connect meaningfully with fellow congregants in times of joy and sorrow.



Eileen’s Mom Golda influenced Eileen’s life so deeply.  After Golda’s passing, Eileen created Healing Art for Caregivers and found an enriching and creative way to support other caregivers and their families.