TriBE Spotlight: Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation/Geography & Wine

Are you a member of a TriBE? Are you interested in learning more about TriBEs seeking members? Have you considered starting and leading a TriBE (don’t worry, you do not have to do this alone – there is a strong support structure!)? Each month, our TriBE e-newsletter will feature information about a TriBE, share insights from a TriBE Leader, and highlight fun facts about various TriBEs.

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Featured TriBE – Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation, Shelley Friedman

Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) includes helping YOU – your relationship with God, self-understanding, and inner peace. Meditation is a major practice in Judaism. As a member of Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation, you will have an opportunity to learn and practice various meditation techniques, gain an appreciation for Judaism’s position on meditation, pay greater attention to your thoughts, and help yourself in how you manage the stresses of everyday life. Jewish spiritual practice is a way to experience greater awareness, purpose, and affiliation. Recently, the TriBE participated in a one-day retreat at an Insight Meditation Buddhist Retreat where they realized the similarities of the practices across the different faiths. The members have created wonderful relationships that extend beyond the monthly gatherings and are available to each other when support is needed. Both men and women join a 90-minute afternoon Zoom meeting on the first Saturday of the month from 1:00pm until 2:30pm. To learn more, contact Shelley Friedman.

Featured TriBE Leader – Joy Miller, Geography & Wine

It is not hard to lead a TriBE. The Geography & Wine TriBE comprised of fourteen members celebrated their fourth anniversary in February. They meet on the third Saturday night of every month. As the leader, Joy starts the year with a “business meeting” to plan the calendar, assign a monthly host, and verify that the meeting time and format are still mutually agreeable. All TriBE members share responsibilities. Monthly, the assigned host will plan their gathering, select the wine for tasting and discussion, manage communications with the members regarding the meeting, coordinate the menu for a light dinner, and lead a group discussion. Suggested discussion topics and associated questions are found on the TriBE Leader Curriculum webpage. These discussions help members get to know each other and strengthen relationships. The conversation is the anchor to each gathering as this differentiates it from “just another social event.” Not all gatherings need to be at a member’s home – many can be “field trips.” After the gathering, Joy will send a synopsis of their discussion and update the members on the next event. If you are considering starting a TriBE, Joy’s advice is to speak with other TriBE Leaders to appreciate the different styles and to use the available resources to bring your group together.

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