TriBE Spotlight: The Spice Girls by Beth Lewis

The Spice Girls TriBE is a great group of women, diverse in our stages of life. We all enjoy cooking and baking and sharing our love of food, our families, and an interest in the deeper questions of our personal relationship with Judaism.

We open every meeting by stating our purpose, which is “A place for women to bond over faith and food and how when combined, they feed our souls and those we love.”

We share our blessing and read our Brit. The most important line of our Brit is that “Everything that happens in a Spice Girls Kitchen, stays in the Spice Girls Kitchen!”

We meet every four to six weeks, depending on what is going on in our community.

If you are interested in meeting some wonderful women, sharing some great recipes and food, and digging deeper into some of the simpler concepts of Judaism, we welcome you to join our TriBE and just warning ahead of time that things might get a little Spicy!

We encourage our fellow kitchen enthusiasts to join The Spice Girls TriBE or Carla Sherry’s Cooking Secret Family Recipes & Other Nosh-Sense TriBE to find your perfect kitchen pairing!

Thank you Kelly Markiewitz, member of the TriBE Leadership Team, for helping to solicit and organize the monthly TriBE Spotlight. If you are interested in writing a blog about your TriBE experience, please contact Kelly Markiewitz.