TriBE Spotlight: Vino & Vinyl by Tracey and Josh Adams

Our TriBE, called Vino & Vinyl, began during the pandemic. The inspiration for our TriBE was to bring together people who enjoy wine and drink, as well as music—especially, but not exclusively, music from our youth (mostly in the 1980s). It has indeed brought us together for those reasons, but has also done so for many more.

During our early days in our Zoom gatherings—the only way we could safely get together—we’d often play trivia games about music, including trying to guess some famous Jewish musicians, as well as games designed to get us to know each other better.Months later, as we began to be able to gather in person, we became even closer. We celebrated life events, like purchasing a new home, as well as our kids’ b’nei mitzvot. We let each host interpret what Vino & Vinyl means to them, and often discuss and explore different aspects of our Judaism.Getting together is not always easy, given our (really, mostly our kids’) demanding schedules, but even in between meetings we stay in touch via email and text, and try to support each member’s interests, including commitments to social justice and the community at large. Whether it’s one of our monthly meetings or not, we make it a point to gather for various events, like the recent TriBE Havdalah event with Dan Nichols—an event almost tailor-made for Vino & Vinyl!—and the upcoming Fiddler on the Roof event.Although it was the wine and music that brought us together, it has been the joy of making lasting friendships that has truly made us a TriBE.

We would like your help with our TriBE Spotlight that is part of the monthly TriBE email. Could you or someone in your TriBE write a brief overview of your TriBE or write about current happenings, an anecdote, a particular moving or interesting meeting/topic, etc.? You can send it to Kelly Markiewitz or Beth Lewis.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

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