United in Purpose and Mission by Rabbi Asher Knight

On January 7th, Temple Beth El’s Board of Directors passed a new Core Purpose and Mission. The process of listening to our members, learning about their vision of congregational life, writing the new mission, editing, and considering the nuances of language took a year and a half. The process began under Ginny Rosenberg’s presidency with the leadership of Evan Wilkoff, Ben Benson, Temple Beth El’s members, staff, and the Board of Directors.

The new Core Purpose and Mission (below) is focused on how the Temple helps to foster relationships and deep connections that inspire personal growth and cultivate meaning.  At Temple, we seek to bring Jewish learning and values to our daily lives, to nurture spiritual practices, and build an exciting and relevant Judaism that elevates our souls and challenges us to make an impact on a world in need. We want Temple Beth El members to own their Jewish lives and feel intimately connected to each other and our community. Temple Beth El is interested in the holistic Jewish soul, opening the door to sacred encounter through weaving a tight social fabric. Mazal Tov to the board and to the congregation for writing and passing our new Core Purpose and Mission.

Core Purpose and Mission

Temple Beth El is a vibrant and inclusive Reform Jewish community that values warm welcome, meaningful relationships, and inspirational personal growth. We are a congregation where learning, prayer, and deeds help to transform people’s understanding of themselves, channel the power of community, and inform our responsibilities to the world.

We do this in a sacred community where:

  • We learn together – הַשׂכָּלָה – We engage in mindful learning and the pursuit of Jewish wisdom which bring values into our daily lives.
  • We pray together – רוּחָנִיוּת – We develop Jewish spiritual practices and inspiring communal worship that uplift the soul and help us reach out to God.
  • We act together – צֶדֶק וחֶסֶד – We lead significant acts of loving kindness and world repair. We value being an integral part of and contributor to the greater Charlotte community.
  • We play together – שִׂמְחָה ואושֶׁר – We create fun social settings where we can relax, laugh, and be ourselves.
  • We care for each other – עַמִּיּוּת – We open our doors to all, we value and support one another in times of joy and sorrow, connected to Jews in greater Charlotte, Israel, and across the world.
  • We are accountable to each other – אַחֲרָיוּת – We believe that each person is valued and has unique contributions. As stakeholders, we financially support the congregation and make sound governance decisions that serve our best strategic interests, reflect shared Reform Jewish values, and uphold our mission.

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