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    Join us for S'lichot Services!

    We will celebrate S'lichot together with our Temple Israel friends 8:30 pm at Temple Beth El
  • L'shanah Tovah!

    We look forward to worshipping with you for the High Holy Days.
  • Welcome!

    Join us each Friday for our Summer Service with Kiddush Wine Bar & Casual Zone. Free babysitting provided. No reservations necessary.
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    Our clergy care.....
    Rabbi Judy Schindler, Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, Cantor Andrew Bernard, Cantor Mary R. Thomas

Friday, September 4th

5:15 pm Preneg
6:00 pm Summer Service with Kiddush Wine Bar & Casual Zone

Saturday, September 5th

9:30 am Torah Study
11:00 am Shabbat Morning Worship
8:30 pm S'lichot Community Service at Temple Beth El
10 Minute Torah

The Torah In Haiku: Ki Tavo

We enter a land
Sep 04, 2015 | Ed Nickow

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