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Mitzvah Day 2018 is Coming! by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Mar 28

Mitzvah Day is rapidly approaching — it all takes place on Sunday, May 6! For our newer members, Mitzvah Day is Temple Beth El’s annual event in which we as a congregation perform acts of gemilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and tikkun olam (repair of the world) throughout Shalom Park and the greater community. […]

The Fault in our Bubbles by Rabbi Dusty Klass (From Charlotte Jewish News Editorial, February 2018)

Feb 08

For me, Christmas has never been about Chinese and a movie – it has been about family and food, watching It’s a Wonderful Life, and singing along to Counting Crows in the kitchen while doing dishes with my cousins. And yes, we opened presents next to a tree. Now, we have never had a tree […]

Speech, Silence, and #TBERace&Justice: Why We Need You in a TBE Listening Circle by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Dec 28

I first discovered the Jewish call for silence at age seventeen. It had been chosen as the ‘wisdom quote of the day’ at camp: “Rabbi Gamliel said: I spent all my life among sages and found nothing better for a person than silence.”[i] I didn’t quite understand the words – nothing better for a person […]

Chanukah, Hope, and Hosting: The Youth Are Our Present by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Nov 20

Chanukah celebrates the proverbial light in the darkness, the hope that comes from flickering flames in the midst of a cold winter night, the story of the nascent Jewish people’s triumph over seemingly overwhelming forces. On Chanukah, miracles happen; the impossible is made possible. Chanukah bolsters our ability to hope. The power of hope is […]

Sukkot is a Time for Rebuilding by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 03

There’s a Grey’s Anatomy episode in which the main character Meredith says something along the lines of, “when the world gets really terrible, I go down to the nursery and stare through the glass at the tiny new babies, just coming into the world.” I thought about that yesterday afternoon as I watched our religious […]

Shmirat Hanefesh and Tikkun HaGuf: Cultivating Mental Health by Rabbi Dusty Klass – Erev Yom Kippur 5778

Sep 30

Shmirat Hanefesh and Tikkun HaGuf:  Cultivating Mental Health Erev Yom Kippur 5778 Co-writers: Rabbi Dusty Klass, Rabbi Leah Citrin Editing Team: Rabbi Asher Knight, Rabbi Paul Kipnes, Tim Klass “The journey you are embarking is sacred, and holy, and hard. Find two people as soon as possible. A good masseuse, and a great therapist.” These […]

On Race and ReHumanization by Rabbi Dusty Klass – Rosh Hashanah Sermon 5778

Sep 21

Rosh haShana 5778: On Race and ReHumanization by Rabbi Dusty Klass Think back for a moment, To a year ago. A year ago, I was still learning the full extent of southern hospitality. A year ago, I still began each drive by turning on my GPS. A year ago, I had only been uptown once […]

Elul Reflection on Community by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Sep 13

As we enter the final week of Elul, we move into our final topic of reflection, Kehilah: Community. Writing about community was such a popular choice for our bloggers that we had more blogs than days of the week, and had to stop offering it as an option! Reading their words, you will find it […]

Elul Continues with R’fuah (Healing) by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Aug 30

If Elul begins with ahavah – love, it continues with r’fuah – healing. When we allow ourselves to build relationships grounded in love, be it pure unadulterated love, complicated nuanced love, or commanded and authentic love, we open ourselves up to the possibility of healing. We are all in need of healing, and we all […]