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Perpetually Seeking Freedom by Rabbi Dusty Klass (Charlotte Jewish News Editorial Apr. 2019)

Apr 04

Every year, a little over a month after Purim and its revelry, we gather at tables – round tables, square tables, multiple tables cobbled together because we are too many to fit at one table. We gather to dip parsley and ask questions and tell the story, again. We gather to remind ourselves, and each […]

When God Takes Attendance, How Do You Respond? by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Feb 28

Every time I had a substitute teacher in high school, I braced for impact as soon as the poor unassuming sub took attendance. “Dustin? Dustin Klass?” “Here.” At this point, most teachers did a brief double take. The best just moved on, but some, having spent many years being tested by mischievous name-switching students, would […]

All is Never Lost: Chanukah Light by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Nov 26

December is the darkest month of the year. It’s no coincidence that Chanukah, a holiday in which we are commanded to increase light each night, occurs exactly as our days become shorter and our nights become longer. The holiday season is full of that contrast, of moments of light and darkness. It’s in the joy […]

You Matter and So Does Your Vote by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 11

If you have been in the building at temple over the past week or so, you may have noticed a cut out of a person, painted purple, next to a bowl in the lobby holding a number of purple ribbons available to wear as an addition to your outfit. Every October, these ribbons appear in […]

Choose “We” (Yom Kippur 5779) by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Sep 19

With gratitude to Rabbi Leah Citrin for walking through this writing process with me every year, and to Rabbis Miriam Farber Wajnberg, Asher Knight, and Jay LeVine, Cantor Mary Thomas, and Jeff Trost for letting me think out loud with them. Video of this Sermon Something was wrong with Gus. The 700-lb polar bear at […]

On Clenched Fists and Open Hands (Erev Rosh HaShanah 5779) by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Sep 11

With gratitude to Rabbis Asher Knight, Leah Citrin, Jay Asher LeVine, Miriam Farber Wajnberg, and Susan Landau, Cantor Mary Thomas, and Jeff Trost – for your edits, conversations, and thought partnership. Video of this sermon Every December, my dad visited my elementary school classto light Chanukah candles and teach everyone how to spin the dreidel. […]

On Fear and Courage and Stepping out into the World Anyway by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Aug 30

This year during Elul, my chevruta (study partner) Rabbi Leah Citrin I have been reading Psalm 27 each day as part of our preparation for the High Holy Days. I am not usually one for routines – I don’t like the idea of being tied to a daily task, or I forget once, decide I […]

This, Too, is Torah by Rabbi Dusty Klass (from Charlotte Jewish News Editorial June-July 2018)

Jun 06

At the annual Shalom Park Freedom School fundraiser this year, the program began with a short video outlining just how far behind a kid in a low-income setting can end up by 3rd grade when not given the same opportunities afforded middle-and-upper class kids. But wait – isn’t summer for running through sprinklers and eating […]

Counting the Omer by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Apr 12

“Blessed are you, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who has made us holy with your commandments and commanded us to count the Omer**. Today is 12 days, which is one week and five days of the Omer.” Those of you who attended Friday night services this past week may recognize the above blessing […]