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As a proud member of MeckMIN (Mecklenburg Metropolitan Interfaith Network), Temple Beth El is involved in a variety of interfaith efforts throughout greater Charlotte.

In collaboration with Mecklenburg County, Roof Above (formerly Urban Ministry Center/Men’s Shelter of Charlotte), Salvation Army, and Supportive Housing Communities, MeckMIN is helping coordinate and support the use of hotels to house previously-unsheltered neighbors who are at high risk for COVID-19. In particular, MeckMIN has committed to recruit volunteers to support the serving of food for those in the hotels.  This volunteer opportunity will have very limited person-to-person contact.

We need your help!

MeckMIN needs to schedule REGULAR volunteers to help serve lunch and dinner each day.

Sign up here – but please read this message fully to understand the commitment you are making.

Important information

(Please read through all points carefully.)

  • Current contracts now run through the end of September but may be extended if the pandemic continues to be a threat. 
  • Food/drinks will be delivered by an outside vendor and distributed twice a day. 
  • The volunteer(s) will distribute meals at designated times. Exact times for each hotel can be found listed on the sign-up sheet.
  • Exact addresses will be shared by phone before your first shift.
  • Each hotel operates a little differently and details will be shared based on which hotel you work.
  • If you sign up for a slot, you’re responsible for making sure at least one volunteer is there every week through at least the end of September. A list of potential substitutes will be available.
  • ONE volunteer can manage a slot, though you may prefer two for company – please don’t plan on more than two volunteers in any one slot as space for social distancing is limited. (There is some flexibility for families since people who live together do not need to practice distancing from each other.)
  • AGE RESTRICTIONS: Volunteers need to be at least 12 years of age. Volunteers age 12-17 need to be paired with an adult (parent, church leader, etc.).
  • There will likely be considerable downtime so you may want to bring a book or another way to occupy yourself between guests.
  • There is 24-hour security and hotel staffing at Hotel #1 and #2. There is 24-hour hotel staffing at Hotel #3.

Hotel locations are CONFIDENTIAL. Please do not share with anyone. Sharing this information could jeopardize our ability to do this crucial work. 

  • All volunteers need to sign a confidentiality agreement (available through MeckMIN)
  • All volunteers need to confirm that they are feeling well, are symptom-free, and have not been exposed to the coronavirus.

Contact Rabbi Klass with questions.

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  1. Rabbi. How little contact? I’m somewhat compromised with asthma (and age). I have been in isolation alone even my family have been staying at beach house.

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