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Chanukah: Lighting the Lights That Help Us See More Clearly by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Nov 22

I just spent a whirlwind eight days in Israel; full of listening and learning – and a lot of sitting in rooms and meeting important people. My time in Jerusalem has given me many things to think about, and wrestle with, as all good trips to Jerusalem do. And as with all trips to Israel, […]

Tree People, Forest People, and Trying to be More of Both by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 26

I have always been a Tree Person. When I go hiking, I’m the one taking close-up photo of a particularly gnarled root system or the jigsaw puzzle-piece shaped bark of a ponderosa pine. Don’t get me wrong; I love a gorgeous view. But my phone camera rarely captures the grandeur of a mountain range, so […]

Return Again: Finding Meaning in Repetition and Repentance by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Oct 06

Earlier this week, Rabbi Knight, Cantor Bernard, Cantor Thomas and I sat down to talk through our Yom Kippur services. Halfway through, I threw up my hands exasperatedly. “Didn’t we already DO this prayer???” In fact, we had. And I have news for you. We are going to do “that prayer” again. Judaism is a […]

Nitzavim: Standing With, Standing For, Standing Together by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Aug 25

In a Torah portion familiar to those of us who have begun thinking about the High Holy Days (welcome to the rabbinate!) we read the following words: “Atem nitzavim hayom, kulchem – You stand here this day, all of you, before Adonai your God…” Last Thursday, I drove to Raleigh for the launch of Nitzavim: […]

The Power of Reframing, or “What I Learned in Yoga This Week” by Rabbi Dusty Klass

Jul 28

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a month-long membership trial at a yoga studio in town. My first class was a weekday afternoon class, so I wasn’t expecting a full house. By the official class start time of 3pm, we had about half of the room filled. After a few minutes, I looked […]