Every Ending is a New Beginning

I spent the past week cleaning out my office. Twenty years of files, books, projects, and clutter. It took me such a long time to get through all the chaos, mostly because there were so many memories lurking in the drawers and shelves. As the garbage bags piled up and the boxes of things I will keep filled up, I was able to reflect on my twenty years serving as Director of Education. My visions and dreams became realities. I had the privilege to work with the most talented clergy, staff, and educators of any temple anywhere. My students and their families became deep and meaningful relationships that I will always treasure. They were wonderful years and I am proud of the lives we touched and all that we created together.

I also know that there are new challenges and opportunities ahead for the Religious School and that Rabbi Beth Nichols is the perfect person to be standing at the helm. It is time for new visions and dreams. I am so excited to see school take-off under her direction. She is a dynamic and creative educator. She is warm and has a terrific sense of humor. She is kind and she is an expert in Jewish education. Please open your minds and hearts to welcome her to our community. It does not matter how we did things in the past. What matters is that we support, encourage, and welcome Rabbi Nichols and give her the time and space to use her talents and skills to lead the Religious School into the brightest future possible. Please reach out to her, introduce yourselves and be patient while she takes time to learn all about TBE. She is a gem and I could not be happier to turn my years of hard work over to her to vision, improve, and continue to provide TBE with the most outstanding school experience possible.

Finally, I want to thank you for trusting me and allowing me to start the children of Temple Beth El on their path to life-long Jewish learning. They have been my greatest joy. Thank you for twenty years that have meant so much to me. L’hitraot!

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  1. Susan- You are a mensch! Thank you for you inspiration, leadership, service, guidance, kindness, strength, commitment, and friendship. The world is better because of you.

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