Kehilah Kedoshah – A Holy Community by Susan Jacobs, Director of Education

As much as we are dedicated to having our students love Jewish learning, at Temple Beth El Religious School, we also strive to have our families become a part of our community – our Holy Community. We do this in many ways. We teach the concepts of observing mitzvot in our classes. We model those concepts in real ways throughout the year and especially on Mitzvah Day. We schedule Shabbat grade level dinners so that families can connect. We invite parents to join us in school for a variety of events and services, and much more. We are also implementing a New Family Partnership program. And we don’t just talk about being a Kehilah Kedoshah, we also sing about it.

Each one of us must start to hear. Each one of us must sing the song.
Each one of us must do the work. Each one of must right the wrong. 
Each one of us must build the home. Each one of us must hold the hope.
Each one of us, each one of us. 

Kehilah kedoshah, kehilah kedoshah
Kehilah kedoshah, kehilah kedoshah 
It’s how we help. It’s how we give. It’s how we pray. It’s how we heal. It’s how we live. 

It’s how we help. It’s how we give. It’s how we pray. It’s how we heal. It’s how we live. 

Kehilah kedoshah. These meaningful and inspiring words were written by beloved Jewish musician, Dan Nichols. We sing many of his songs in services and in school assemblies. His songs have powerful messages that echo the values and spiritual messages we teach our children and he is coming to Temple Beth El to help us celebrate the opening day of Religious School on September 23, 2018!

The Dan Nichols concert will take place between the early and late Sunday sessions, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am in the Blumenthal Sanctuary. Religious School families can find the details of opening day here.

I look forward to singing and celebrating with all of our families on opening day. Like the song says, “Each one of us must sing the song”.


Dan Nichols will also be here the evening of September 23 for a Sukkot Celebration at 6:00 pm. This event is free and open to the community.